Thursday, August 18

Lisianthus in Crystal

"Lisianthus in Crystal"
12" x 12"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas

The crystal bowl was a moving gift from a friend. He moved. Didn't want it. Knew I would. I washed it and immersed my white lisianthus into the clear, warm water.

This was a monochromatic piece from the start.  I learned a lot about my bowl, and used it several more times with different flowers.  But while the lisianthus were fresh, I painted a watercolor of the set up, too.  I'll post it tomorrow.

This painting is listed with and for sale through a Dailypaintworks auction. 

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  1. Really beautiful. I don't see how you can paint such a complex set up in one day!

  2. Virginia,
    Your comment has made me realize what others may be thinking, as well. Although I do paint every day, and post every day, what you have seen are not paintings I've painted IN one day. I'm new to blogging, but not new to painting. I have a backlog of art that I'd like to share one piece at a time. So some are very wet, some are dry and some may even have dust on them. I will devote a week to "actual" daily paintings... done the day I post, but I'll announce that. If you look at the Challenge page, most of those, (not Cherries on a Platter) were done within an hour or two. It was a terrific observation, and I hope you are not disappointed.