Monday, November 14

Peg's Garden Bench

"Peg's Garden Bench"
20" x 16"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Grasshoppers snap from leaf to bloom throughout Peg's garden, where everyone, no matter how many legs, is welcome. Some flutter, some nest, some come to sit and soak up the fragrance.        

Peg's Garden Bench is a tribute to my dear friend's zest for life.  Peg has lovingly tended her front garden in Long Grove, Illinois, not just for her own pleasure, but for those who have purposely taken her road to delight their eyes.  This is a minuscule section of her great talent as a tender-of-flowers.  Thank you Peg.

Peg's Garden Bench can be seen on in my Gallery, where it can also be purchased.

Thanks for stopping by to visit today.

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