Saturday, May 26


12" x 12"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Her petals radiated from tiny pivotal peaks in such a magnificent, violaceous whorl that it dazzled the pantaloons off some of the more staid spectators. 

I've posted 320 consecutive days with a different new painting each day:  floral, landscape, still life and a couple miscellaneous offerings. I have worked in the small square format so popular with daily painters, but I love to paint large.  My brushwork and sponges are perfect in that scale. I also like the texture and bounce of a large stretched canvas, instead of hardboard panels. 

I am considering making larger paintings for a while to satisfy some creative desires.  That said, I may not post every day, but please don't assume I've quit painting.  I must paint. It's my driving force.  Ultimately, I may turn out more complex pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, I may fill the gaps with some pieces I have not yet posted. Please be patient with me as I transition into this next stage.

Thank you for understanding my reason for change. I appreciate it.
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  1. I know you will produce fantastic larger paintings, Carol. Your colors are always wonderful and designs are strong so cannot wait to see what you do.
    Can you believe you have done 320 consecutive days?
    Congratulations. It takes great discipline - I know, I have done a year now and it has not always been easy.