Thursday, October 2

Downtown Blues and Greens

"Downtown Blues and Greens"
9" x 12"
Pastel on canvas panel
This is the last of the LaCrosse paintings. I had done the ones in warm colors and decided to make one to go in a silver plein air frame I brought with me.  I didn't like it as much as three other pieces, so it stayed behind. 

What has surprised me and some of my followers is that the squiggly marks I make with my pastel also works for non-organic subject matter such as buildings. I'm not as fond of it, used this way, but I rose to the challenge and did what I set out to do.



  1. Carol - the colors are drop dead gorgeous and how you can flow from the soft, air filled painting in the previous post into this strong architectural painting is beyond me. I marvel at them both.

    1. Julie, It amazes me, too. This whole hard pastel gig just flows from me. It feels like the most natural thing for my hands to do. Tomorrow's post is my largest piece, and I'm pretty pleased as I look at it tonight. Thank you for seeing something in my work. I see it in yours all the time…