Thursday, May 14


3.5" x 7"
Alcohol Ink on Yupo
I fully intended to do more to this... after lunch on Tuesday of last week, but when I got back and saw the edges where the green and yellow had met and became fast friends, I left it alone. 

It's hard to leave a small painting alone that has the potential to become a learning experience, but it happened several times during the workshop and THAT alone was a part of my growth. "Don't dink with it," a phrase my friend and I threw back and forth when we painted murals together, kept playing in my head.



  1. The colors are like silk dyes. Absolutely incredible! I will have to try pouring on Yupo and then as you put it...not to dink with it!

  2. They are just heavenly, and although they are transparent, neither alcohol ink, nor Yupo are acceptable materials for the transparent watercolor society. The TWSA show has opened near me and I plan to attend next week on Tuesday. It always thrills me to see the best of the best in our business, under one roof.