Wednesday, September 21

In For A Landing

"In For A Landing"
16" x 20"
Oil on wrapped canvas
When I had my pilot's license many years ago, I thought about landing all the time, even while firmly planted on the ground.  The day I painted these clouds I had no idea what would be below them, so I plotted out an unlikely place to come in for a landing—unless, of course the pilot had a beak and feathers.  

This piece was totally an exercise in using the wonderful blending of oil paint, after years of acrylic and watercolor.  I changed the clouds many times before leaving them alone to dry.

This piece will be listed and for sale for a month on a Daily Paintworks Auction.  See my entire gallery of paintings on that site.  Go to Member Artist, and then my gallery.

Thank you for dropping in for a landing today.

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