Tuesday, January 31

Red, White and Black

"Red, White and Black"
6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
Tea with lemon, tea with sugar, but never, ever tea with milk!  Yet the placement of these two vessels appealed to me.  They were on the counter at my friend's home in Colorado when I came down to breakfast. 

Her counter top was green granite.  It was great for her home, but not for this painting.  I wanted to come as close to "graphic" as I could without tipping the scale.  I am quite happy with the outcome.

Thanks for meandering by today.

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  1. Gosh, I really, really like this Carol! Wonderful values on the cow pitcher. and I love that white reflection on the red teapot! It is very graphic and modernistic. Great job!

  2. Hi Virginia! It's a complete departure from many of my paintings, isn't it? I worked hard to make that white cow, it almost looks like a calf pitcher, as gray as possible so the whites would show. And surprisingly, not much red was seen. I was on the wrong side of the pitcher. And when you see another painting I'm working on from that same spot on her granite island, you'll see many little highlights on that one, too. There were LOTS of lights in the ceiling bouncing light around. The painting I'm referring to is of chocolates! It's coming up soon!!!