Thursday, August 9

Evening Attire

"Evening Attire"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
My destination was further away, and took longer to get to than I expected. I had been looking down at where I would step next as I crossed the field.  When I looked up the sky was wearing evening attire the color of ripe mangoes.  

Another sky painting for the collection. I tried not to make this one too soft.  Edges on clouds present a different atmosphere. I had to concentrate on leaving them.  I'm a soft cloud person.  



  1. Ripe mangoes will live in my memory forever - such a great description, Carol.
    A beautiful sky!

    1. Thank you Julie. I had to let that one percolate for a while until the right word choice surfaced. When it did, I hoped it wouldn't be too obscure. Apparently not. Hugs!