Wednesday, August 1

Letter S

"Letter S"
12" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas 
Here's a commission piece for a little girl.  It has seven stars, six sunflowers, a spotted snake, a sand pile with a sand shovel, a smiley-faced sun, a strawberry, and the S has stripes and snowflakes and scallops, too!  

I paint these for kids' rooms.

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  1. I've always loved these letter paintings that you do!!! I might have to commission you to do a K... but all of the K objects will have to be adult items! Hmmm...

    1. How about ... Kale, Kaleidoscope, Kangaroo, Kart, Katydid, Kayak, Kazoo, Kebab, Keg, Kelp, Kerchief, Kernel, Ketch, Kettle, Key, Kickstand, Kidney, Kielbasa, Killdeer, Kiln, Kilt, Kimono, King, Kingfisher, Kipper, Kite, Kitten, Kiwi, Kleenex, Knapsack, Kneecap, Knickers, Knife, Knight, Knuckles, Koala -- and of course Kiss Kiss Kiss, Knockers, Knothole, and Knob.

    2. It appears my research has been done for me! My darling soon-to-be, daughter-in-law I shall begin working on your letter K... KWICKLY.