Sunday, December 15

Beau Cool

"Beau Cool"
8" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel

More snow fell than was predicted, and it was warmer than it had been all week, so a celebratory romp in the pristine accumulation seemed appropriate. I gathered a scarf, hat buttons and a tangerine from the fruit bowl to dress Beau Cool. Then I fashioned a snippet of coat hanger wire into a smile. I bent the ends to poke into his sweet countenance and that single addition made my dog bark. 

I'm enjoying painting wintery themes this year. Snowmen have always been a favorite — in fact, I've sold more snowman paintings in my career, than any other subject matter. Yet, this is probably the first one to show up on my blog.



  1. :-) I LOVE your snowmen paintings! :-)

    1. I plan to do more, now that I know I can paint him in oil. I may even do some in pastel! Thank you for your comment, Natalie.