Sunday, December 29


6" x 8"
Pastel on canvas panel
A friend sent me a photo of this shell tonight. I had just finished a piece to post for January first, and felt pretty good about it, so before putting away my "toys," I pulled the colours in the shell and painted it.  

I have a nautilus shell similar to this one on a shelf in another room, but mine lacks this much colour. It's more like a standard opal than this "fire opal" kind of presentation.  It was fun to try to capture the essence of the shell.



  1. You have created a beautiful iridescence and I am in awe. Would love to see the shell. The blue is especially wonderful.

    1. I tried to paint what I saw in the photo, staying true to the value and the hue, where possible. The shell looked a lot like the painting. Even the owner was surprised. It was sent to me almost as a challenge/dare. And I was in the mood for a challenge.

  2. Love this, the colours, composition, just a sweet painting!
    I can imagine fun to paint.

    1. The composition was just as the photo came to me. I recognized its perfection and ran with it. It was, indeed a fun one to paint. Thank you for commenting, Diana.