Saturday, January 4

Fleshy Curves

"Fleshy Curves"
10" x 8"
Oil on wrapped canvas

I tucked my pastels away and put my rose coloured glasses back on for this one. It had been a while since I slathered oily paint against the even grain of canvas.  My last rose was shades of grey.  The one before her was squiggled with the tips of my pastels. Tonight I wanted to inhale the fragrance of a live rose, feel her supple petals against my lips and enjoy the range of colours as her fleshy curves rounded in and out of the light. 

I loved painting her.



  1. Beautiful! I love seeing her. Inspiring me to paint my favorite thing - roses.

  2. I've painted several more. They'll post in the near future. I'm glad I'm inspiring you to paint. We seem to like the same subject matter.