Thursday, January 16

Ginger Blossom's Pergola

"Ginger Blossom's Pergola"
9" x 12"
Pastel on gessoed hardboard
It was July when I painted at Ginger Blossom's place. I was standing in the shade of one of her large trees, painting a pastoral landscape in the opposite direction of this architectural delight. Several of my friends painted this, but I wasn't up for the straight lines of six columns, nor the crossbeams, either. And I don't know what made me want to explore them tonight, except the light.  

Now that it's done, I won't be painting much architecture in the next few weeks. Except for house portraits. Even though I started painting decades ago with watercolor barns, I'm not fond of straight lines. Give me a curve any day.



  1. I just LOVE your use of small disparate palettes and strokes of hugely contrasting colors together to create rich and organic textures when you step back a few paces. That is the essence which you as an enlightened artist capture in art like this that no photograph or amount of realism can extract from reality.

  2. Thank you Brian. You seem to understand what I'm trying to achieve, purely with my marks. It's all new to me and the process is thrilling me. I love working like this — intuitively. It comes from the heart and soul.