Tuesday, June 16

Tulips and Foxgloves

Tulips and Foxgloves"
8" x 8"
Acrylic on panel 
There was no time to paint from the photos I shared, while at my workshop.  So once I mopped up the water that flowed in through the window well into my studio this morning, gathering dozens of paintings off the floor, I painted some of the gardens my students painted.  

As the women discovered, I like to paint "spiky things."  There will probably be more as I work through this series of knife paintings.

And here, my friends, is a video (click on the word "video") of the workshop. Now that I know what is possible, I'll take better photos.

The music, "Angelina," was written and performed by our friend, John McHugh.



  1. Thank you, Sue. It's always fun to paint what one loves.

  2. Too bad about the water, but it looks like you had a great workshop - lots of happy artists with some beautiful paintings!

  3. The water got sopped up and life was, once again ... GOOD! Thanks for your comment. There were lots of smiling faces, weren't there? It was a delightful group of women.

  4. What a great video of your workshop! I am glad you were able to share that! :-)

  5. I'm glad I could, too. I hope you heard the music by our friend. :-)

    1. I did! What a great touch to this! Hope he knows to come look and listen! :-)