Tuesday, June 26

Fairy Tails

"Fairy Tails"
20" x 20"
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
And to my left are the Fairy Tails, next to Dragon Tails,  Who knew? Right? Did you think this is what they'd look like! 

While I catch up on house portraits galore, I hope you enjoy a few more of my swirling fantasy paintings. 


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  1. "When I sound the fairy call,
    Gather here in silent meeting,
    Chin to knee on the orchard wall,
    Cooled with dew and cherries eating;
    Merry, merry, Take a cherry
    Mine are sounder, Mine are rounder
    Mine are sweeter, For the eater
    When the dews fall
    And you'll be fairies all."
    -- Robert Graves