Sunday, July 22

Pink Jolie

"Pink Jolie
"18" x 18" 
Oil on wrapped canvas
When an act of kindness touches one's life it seems appropriate to acknowledge it in the sincerest way possible.  The photo for this hot pink zinnia was "loaned" to me by a new friend.  "Jolie" is French for pretty, not joy as I reported earlier. Pink Joie will run at another time!    

I'm thrilled to be painting large format images where I can use my sponges to apply glazes of color. This process also brings me joy... for making it "pretty."

Thank you ... i'll stick to English. 


  1. The painting is lovely, Carol, but the translation is incorrect. "Jolie" is French for "pretty," not for "joy." The French word for "joy" is "joie." In any language, however, your pretty/jolie paintings bring the viewer much joy/joie.

    1. I was sick and feverish when I typed and translated it. So it means Pink Pretty instead? Silly me. Pink Joie can run on a different day. Thank you for your attentiveness.

    2. Pink Pretty
      Would be Joli Rose,
      Or even Rose Joli, I suppose
      Either way, it's lovely,
      And so fragrant to the nose.

  2. Would that Joli were a Rose,
    I suppose she could be...
    Would be fragrant.
    Alas, she is a Zinnia.

  3. I am so sorry. I am not to be trusted with my native language.