Tuesday, November 20

Watery Dawn

"Watery Dawn"
5" x 12"
Oil on hardboard  
Dawn lifts her silky veil to reveal the blush of a new day. Doze a few moments too long and you'll miss her show altogether. Best begin sipping your coffee in the darkest hour... and wait. It'll be worth your while.   

When I had the panel cut for my commission piece, I asked that the rest of the board be cut into some different shapes and sizes. I've gessoed dozens of new panels to explore some familiar subjects in new formats.  



  1. Just dropping by. Missed sunrise again, darn it. Thanks for capturing it for us. Maybe in retirement I'll be able to get up early. For now, sunsets are pretty cool.

  2. Then please allow me to perform this sunrise service until then -- for what, about the next fifteen years?