Saturday, February 15

Celestial Synapses II

"Celestial Synapses II"
12" x 36"
          Oil on museum wrapped canvas
Number five in the series is in complementary colors. I narrowed the field to two colors on this piece, opting to explore how little value change I could get away with before rendering it boring. 

I'm loving this process. It frees me to pull from within, rather than exercise my power of observation. I have two more large canvases to explore, then I'll have to order more and do something smaller in the meantime.



  1. My compliments on your complements.

    1. What a fun and funny comment. Thank you for complimenting my complements.

    2. What I love about your paintings Carol is that they reveal so much about you. I hope you will continue to show yourself to me through your work.