Wednesday, October 12

Music in the Night

"Music in the Night" 
20" x 16" 
Acrylic on wrapped canvas
They played music with a palpable passion that curled into the night air like it had been slathered there with a spreader.  Each note connected to the next as tightly as puzzle pieces marching toward infinity.  

This is a variation on my primary-colored puzzle paintings.  It is also a variation on what is normally digitally created from math equations "run amok."
Well, not exactly, but it's a computer generated art form.  Jock Cooper is the foremost fractal artist on the planet, and this is my interpretation of a segment of one of his images.  As his friend and agent, I have been given permission to add my own twist to his design.  

This painting will be posted on in my gallery, and for purchase.    

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