Thursday, October 27

Snow in the Valley

"Snow in the Valley"
6" x 6"
Oil on panel
This is a break in the tree line along the road I travel with some regularity and one of the places I photograph on a weekly basis.  The light hits it differently as the seasons change.  There's also enough distance to be able to catch some haze on occasion.

I was given a tool that intrigued me.  A Colour Shaper, I'm told.  It's a pointed rubber nib on a stick.  I painted the panel black.  Let it dry, then painted it white.  While the paint was wet, I drew on it hard enough to see the black underneath.  When it was dry, I glazed a bit of blue onto the top two thirds.  Isn't experimentation fun?  

This painting can be seen in my Gallery on  It's also for sale through that web site.  

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