Sunday, April 8

Alleluia Tulip

"Alleluia Tulip"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard panel
She was swaying in a chorus of similar warblers; mouths open, singing joyful Alleluias when I happened upon her. 

It's Easter!

Thank you for being here today.
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  1. Hi Carol, My name is Sandy Haynes and I love the creativity in your paintings. I wish I could keep myself from being so literal when I paint. Yours have a certain transparent quality. love them. Would you like to trade links with me. I'm on DPW and took Carol's workshop last year.... learned sooo much. thanks, -Sandy

    1. Hi Sandy. Thank you for acknowledging my paintings. The transparent quality probably originates in my roots as a watercolorist. That and the fact that I glaze color, layer upon layer in my oils. Yes, I'd be happy to trade links. Carol's workshop was quite the learning experience, wasn't it!

  2. Something happened here - I love it.

  3. It's the purple that makes this one special. Without it, it was just another warbler!