Monday, April 23

Wiggle Water

"Wiggle Water"
6" x 12"
Oil on hardboard panel
A breeze tickled the surface of the water, wiggling the reflected reeds surrounding Miss Lily. She liked the vertical stripes.  Thought they made her look—slender. 

Surprisingly, I like the composition of this piece, despite the fact that the lily is dead center.  It forces a tension that only breaking the rules can create.

I appreciate your visits. I really do.
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  1. I really like her. The stripes "do it" for this one! :-)

    1. Thank you! I loved making the stripes—all wiggly and colorful from the sky and the reed reflections.

  2. I think the best part about all your flower paintings are the center of the flowers.. many people can paint perspectively correct flower petals, but what you do for the center of the flower, whether or not it is realistic or not (such as the one I helped you with), is always the most beautiful part! Attention to detail is your best attribute as an artist, and with that said, the parts that lack detail are always selected perfectly.. one can only dream to be as talented and inspired as you are :)

    1. This is a high compliment, coming from one of my most talented artist friends! Thank you, so much my darling! Subconsciously, the center has apparently always been my primary focus, but I've only recently "consciously" come to realize it.

      The center to which Christen refers can be seen on my August 4th post, "Party Peony." She helped me to solve the problem of monotony in the HUGE center area of that large painting by adding an unexpected color—Radiant Turquoise to the tips of many of the numerous stamen.