Saturday, April 7

Strawberry Jam in the Morning

"Strawberry Jam in the Morning"
6" x 6"
Oil on gessoed hardboard
My favorite way to start the day is with strawberry jam in the morning. So sweet. So thick. So delicious. Strawberry is my flavor of choice. Occasionally I'll have raspberry. Just for the sake of variety. But I find raspberry a little too—tart. And so I return to strawberry.

I found this jar in the refrigerator. It seemed like it wanted to be painted. I brought it down to Studio B—below ground—and painted... something completely different.  

Thanks for coming down to my studio today. 
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  1. really captured the juicy look of the jam. great job!

    1. Thank you, Julie. It was quite the challenge to get the color, texture and sheen right on that jam... having never painted anything like it before. I enjoyed giggling throughout the process.

  2. Very much not your usual - I am impressed! I agree with Julie, you really captured this one well! :-) I want to grab a spoon and some toast!

    1. Teaspoon, tablespoon or serving spoon? Thanks! It was entirely based in fun.