Friday, February 1

My Checkered Past

"My Checkered Past"
Washburn Flying V Guitar
Acrylic on wood

I have collaborated with a guitar collector/refurbisher to paint guitars for his clients. This is a Washburn Flying V Guitar that he prepped for me.  I painted it to match, in color only, the existing red of the neck.  After I sign it, he will seal-coat it with the proper high gloss finish, attach the hardware and stings, then list it on his website to sell on eBay.  I will disclose the asking price here on my blog when it's listed on his site.  It will not be for sale on either Dailypaintworks or Dailypainters, although a photo of "My Checkered Past" will appear there. 

Back to flat art tomorrow, I promise :-)

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  1. Wow, Carol. WOW! The more I look at it the more impressed I am. I'm imagining watching someone (oh, say Richard Thompson, who always wears black *grin*) play this on stage - it would be SO AWESOME!!

    1. Thank you Kat. That's the clientele I am hoping to appeal to — definitely not for the timid. I anxiously await seeing it strung and glossy.