Saturday, February 23

Sun's Up

"Sun's Up"
10" x  20"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Once the sun poked her head above the horizon the colours began to dissipate. It was as if her presence chased the mauves and salmons from view and only the blue was tough enough to spend the day with the robust orb. 

Sky in the same palette as yesterday's, but I tried a different format.  I enjoyed painting on the larger piece.

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  1. I love the panoramic size of this painting...and I identify with the changing of colors that a single sunrise or sunset can depict. The strong blue presence in this piece is most appealing to me...I love your work !

  2. It was particularly fun to paint the format of this painting, having painted so many skies in a square. I'm glad it pleased you, too. Thank you for your enthusiastic comment, Rochelle.