Tuesday, December 27


6" x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
"Tis the season, and especially for pears.  This beauty, we'll call "Harry" and a slew of his friends, who shall remain nameless, at least until tomorrow, arrived on my doorstep in time for Christmas.  

The Domestic Goddess in my kitchen made Pear Tarts and Vanilla Roasted Pears, and a concoction to add to my morning oatmeal. Thank you, one and all for the pears! 

And I still have pears to paint, too—I hope.  

Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate your comments and your ongoing support of my little effort, here.  



  1. Your pears are beautiful, and your recipes sound delicious. I made baked pears with brown sugar and rum sauce. We were licking the bowls to get the last of the sauce.

  2. Virginia, my daughter made the pear desserts without alcohol, but I have three fugitive pears (models from this series) that I may just poach in some glogg, or sherry, or port, or spiced rum, or bourbon. There's nothing like the holidays to add zest to the commonplace.