Thursday, December 15

Yellow Roses and Lilacs

"Yellow Roses and Lilacs"
9" x 12"
Acrylic on canvas panel
I found these beauties stuffed in a two-pound coffee can, awaiting their transfer to a more elegant vessel. It was a lot like seeing the Sugar Plum Fairy in bowling shoes!  

Unlike the other rose bouquet from yesterday, full sunlight bathed them, and there wasn't much of a blush in the background.

This piece is already sold. It sits on an easel in a lovely "Bed and Breakfast" in Colorado.

Thank you for stopping by today.



  1. This is gorgeous, almost 3D! tf

  2. Thanks! It's successful in that 3D way because of the good value differences. It's my ongoing challenge. I struggle with values in every painting. Having come from a watercolor background in an era of pastel colors, I taught myself some pretty bad habits. But now I'm aware of those demons and face them head-on.