Sunday, December 18

Pose and Repose

"Pose and Repose"
9" x 12"
Oil on canvas panel 
This time of year peppers are feeling less than PEPPY.  I found these three lazy guys lounging on the table next to my drawing board after a photo shoot. They lolled and recounted the merits of green versus red.  The yellow guy was fast asleep...  figures. 

These were fun to paint!  I'm learning to use the Cadmium colors and to mix viridian to it's best use, too.  But viridian stains my beautiful Rosemary and Company Ivory bristle brushes.  Any wisdom on this problem?
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  1. I use Murphy's Oil Soap to clean my brushes. You can leave the brush in it a while, and it gets out the stains. Works for me, anyway.

  2. I use Murpyh's, too, but I must be impatient. There's always a green tinge to my beautiful bristles. SO, I'll let them soak in it a while longer to purge the verdant stains! Thanks, Virginia.