Monday, December 12

Pet Milk Sleeve

"Pet Milk Sleeve"
6' x 6"
Oil on canvas panel
Back in the day, I mean a lot of days ago, years even, coffee drinkers used Pet Milk instead of cream for their coffee.  It came in a can that needed to be punctured with a triangular punch.  Then punctured again on the other side of the lid to let air in.  It was convenient but not pretty, so Pet Milk "sleeves" were made to make them presentable for table use.  It has a large hole in the bottom so the can could be pushed out when it was empty.  

This "sleeve," for lack of a better word is marked Germany.   It has auditioned for and gotten bit parts in many of my paintings.  This is, however it's first leading role.  Brava!

This little piece can be purchased on DPW or directly from me if you read my blog and find out that's even possible.  Of course it is!



  1. How adorable. I remember Pet Milk, but I never saw a decorative sleeve for it before.

  2. Amazing isn't it? I would never have known what it was, except that my mother owned an antiques shop. The one I painted is from her shop. It was considered a collectible back in the 70's. It has no other use, as it has a hole in the bottom the size of a quarter.