Friday, February 10

Copy of Rolf's Gal

"Copy of Rolf's Gal"
12" x 9"
Oil on canvas panel
"This looks like something you'd paint," read the e-mail.  I looked at the colors and patterns and decided to rise to his challenge.  I painted Rolf Armstrong's portrait of Martha Mansfield from the 1930's.  

I am not a portrait artist!  But this didn't feel like a portrait because of all the fun stuff around her face.  I enjoyed making marks of all kinds intermittently with her porcelain features.  It's for sale, but you must know that she is Rolf's Gal, not mine.

Thank you for checking in to see my art today.
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  1. This is incredible!! This would be incredible for someone who is a seasoned portrait artist, but the fact that you aren't makes this just ridiculously amazing!!!

  2. Thank you! I looked at the piece as if I was eating a meal of delicious entrees and the face was the lima beans—necessary, but not my favorite part. I'm glad you enjoyed it. AND commented!