Tuesday, February 7

Let Us Eat Chocolate!

"Let Us Eat Chocolate!"
16" x 20"
Oil on canvas panel
Looks like a celebration, doesn't it? Well it is!  

I'm celebrating something. I've been INVITED to be on Dailypainters.com.  It's the original and largest online daily painting site.  And I am now one of those artists! What a perfect way to enter this next stage of my career—bearing chocolates. 

This little glass pedestal of chocolates was waiting for me at my friend's home in Colorado Springs last March when I visited.  I was particularly drawn to the artisanal piece.  For a first go at chocolate, this turned out pretty yummy, didn't it?

So now my blog will flow into two sites: Dailypainters.com and Dailypaintworks.com.  Each will have a gallery of my work and my art can be purchased by way of PayPal, as usual, either through a DPW auction, or through me directly, via Brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Look for other changes in the next few weeks, too.

Thank you for visiting the giddiest gal in Illinois!

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  1. Congratulations! What a wonderful invitation and lovely way to celebrate with chocolates! They look good enough to eat!