Tuesday, February 21

Limes on the Side

"Limes on the Side"
8" x 10"
Oil on canvas panel
They were rolling off the table during my photo shoot.  I dropped one into the bowl and liked how the facet refracted the color. I put all of them into the bowl, except the two on the side. 

This is the companion piece to the smaller study I posted on February 11th.  My favorite part? The lime with the stem end pointing straight as us. She turned out exactly right. 

Thank you for squeezing me into your day! 

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  1. Really lovely, Carol! The facets of the cut glass are beautifully rendered. (How I envy your ellipse!) The whole painting is really beautiful, with all the grays against the bright greens of the limes.

  2. Virginia, Thank you for your kind words. I especially like your parenthetical sentence of longing! It was very funny, and a hard ellipse to nail! I'm glad it reads well. I was going to put a bottle of Patron tequila in the dark, empty corner, but thought better of it. It stands on its own, sans alcohol... probably better, in fact. :-)