Thursday, February 2

Inside, Looking Out

"Inside, Looking Out"
24" x 18"
Acrylic on canvas panel

Peg's garden was at it's late-spring peak when I shot the photo of her larkspur and roses. It was always a joy to be in her garden on a weekly basis for three years running, to document her four acres of flowers. 

I liked the painting, but it sat for too long without finding a new home.  Then I had the idea of changing it—slightly.  Okay, significantly.  Framed, and hung in the right place, it might look like an actual window to Peg's garden.

Thank you for peeking in today.

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  1. Amazing...I think this is amazing. I actually thought it was a real stained glass window' I love the way you handled the flowers in the garden on the other side

  2. Thank you Julie! I painted the garden entirely, then made the window on top of it. I learned a lot, and may try it again, as new ideas flooded my head as I worked. You know how that goes. New stuff all the time!