Monday, September 23

English Walled Garden

"English Walled Garden"
7" x 10"
Pastel on paper
I painted at the Chicago Botanic Gardens this morning. The light was brilliant, the air was autumnal, and it was a beautiful day to be there.  Plein air doesn't get better than this.  

I'm learning as I go with this wonderful medium.  And I'm so thankful I didn't ignore the opportunity to explore it.  I have to thank my friend Ken Lutgen for inspiring me during a plein air session earlier this summer.  He doesn't even know it's entirely his fault.



  1. Hello, Carol. Just wondering. When you lived in Detroit, did you go to any of the English Gardens in Michigan?

    1. I did not. I grew up with more gardens than most cities maintain. My mother gardened, so all six of us children were adept at tending to gardens and saw all the flowers we ever wanted right under our noses. When I lived there I went to hear Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and the Commodores or rode around in my boyfriend's convertible or on his motorcycle ... as far away from a garden as I could get.