Friday, March 9


6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
I spent time in a kayak one morning last summer, bobbing on Lake Michigan. I loved being close to water level with the ability to focus where land was not in sight—for a few seconds at a time!  Self-inflicted terror is what it actually was.  I found myself stealing peeks toward shore for comfort. 

This is another of my recent paintings, where sky is the primary player.  I have enjoyed this exercise in dusting wet paint with a mop brush.  I've already begun to use it on other pieces.

Thank you for drifting along with me today.
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  1. You need to come play in a kayak at the cabin again! :-) You need more cabin "subjects" for your daily art.

    1. I would love to gather subject material at your cabin... when the snow melts ;-)