Thursday, March 8

Hoarfrost, Again

"Hoarfrost, Again"
6" x 6"
Oil on hardboard
There had been snow, but most of it melted. Leafless trees dandled the sky with their finger-like sticks. Cornstalks stabbed the drifts in steadfast rows across the field. But the magic came during the night, when Lady Hoarfrost graced them with a visit. 

This was another experiment. You must know by now that I can't leave well enough alone, so here's how I messed up well enough.  I painted a band of dark across my panel, added to it a band of ochre and let them dry.  I painted white over the whole shebang, then added a sky.  I took my frequently-used signature signing tool, my colour shaper, and scraped trees into the dark band, and cornstalks into the ochre band.  I signed it below the tree line on the right and—called it a day!

Thanks for maundering through,
My DPW Gallery


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    1. Just like it is here today—but without the beauty of hoarfrost.