Wednesday, October 16

"Aspen Leaves"
11" x 15"
Pastel on paper
While I was scoping out the beautifully-remodeled Abend Gallery in Denver, I happened on two of the gallery's artists actively painting on site. One was the darling oil painter, Tammi Otis and the charming pastel artist, Bruce Gomez. Both artists welcomed me to their State and chatted with me for several minutes.

Bruce noticed my obvious interest in what his students were creating and invited me to join the class the next morning. So I did! He gave me paper, let me use his easel, his pastels and brought me up to speed so I could finish with the rest of the women by end of day on Sunday.  This is the workshop image each of us was instructed to complete. His image, his pastels and my effort.  And I enjoyed it completely.



  1. Love the glow on this one Carol!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ann. I learned a lot about the medium and hope to use the concepts in my oils as well. I wish I had been able to take your knife workshop. Maybe you'll do another.

  2. Oh that is so awesome that you got to join in! Yay!