Saturday, October 19

Outskirts of Town

"Outskirts of Town"
3.5" x 5"
Pastel on sanded paper
Just outside of town, before I got home the other night I stopped to take one last look at my surroundings.  There were no cacti, no sagebrush, no sand. When I turned into my driveway I knew what I had experienced had been magical and I wanted more. 

This was a twenty minute little cutie pie I did this afternoon. The inspiration came from a photo I saw in a magazine, so I went with it.  I will have to prepare a lot of small pieces of watercolor paper so that I can enjoy painting like this more often.  It was quite fun.



  1. You captured the quality of the light perfectly. gorgeous!

    1. Wow, thank you Juile! I'm loving this new medium. It expresses how I feel with such ease.