Thursday, October 24

Foxy Gloves

"Foxy Gloves"
7" x 3"
Pastel on sanded paper

Foxgloves grow in the English Walled Garden at the Botanic Gardens near where I live.  They've always looked to me like a bunch of grapes gone floral.  They also tend to flourish in the shade, so I had to imagine sunlight on this sprig.  



  1. Ah, yes. Foxgloves. The flower is pleasing aesthetically and the leaves are used medicinally to treat such things as heart disease and irregularities in blood circulation.
    This gorgeous painting also brings to mind a quote from the American author Alice Walker: "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."

  2. Ah, yes. Digitalis. These little beauties also attract hummingbirds.

  3. "Across the downs a hummingbird
    Came dipping through the bowers
    He pivoted on emptiness
    To scrutinize the flowers."
    -- Nathalia Crane

  4. What a beautiful poem. The words dip and dart just like a hummingbird moves.

  5. It wasn't for nothing that Nathalia Crane was dubbed The Brooklyn Bard.

  6. I'll seek more of her work. I liked it. A lot.