Wednesday, October 30

Dahlia Delight

"Dahlia Delight"
30" x 40"
Oil on wrapped canvas
Dahlias were in bloom outside the Walled Garden when I was at the Botanic Gardens last month.  I found this one swaying in the breeze and had to sync my body to her rhythmic dance to photograph her. Fortunately, we coincided on a few of them and I got a terrific reference photo for this painting.  

Amazingly, the background took more time to paint than the gazillion petals of this bloom.  I'm delighted with the finished piece, and hope you dahlia lovers enjoy her, too.



  1. Your flowers are amazing Carol! :)

  2. Thank you Kellie. I finished this one about an hour before posting it. It took a week to paint... not a couple of hours like most of my daily painting offerings. I'm fast, but this one tested my skills. Not only brush skills, but composition and value and edges. I appreciate your comment.