Monday, March 4


 24" x 24"
Oil on wrapped canvas
She blushed when he told her she was gorgeous. "Well, you are," he said. "Gorgeous," he repeated. She blushed even redder, deeper toward her core. Her petals curled, her mouth opened in disbelief. The rose sat serenely and basked in the glow of his compliment. 

Once again, I have to sing the praises of my two new colours; Cad Scarlet and Indian Yellow.  Oh, my, they seem to have been made for one another. Those two and a dab of Cobalt Blue made this a joy to paint. I'm in love! 



  1. Wow, even more beautiful! Gorgeous colors!

    1. Documenting accurate, glowing color was the goal of this piece. She just oozed warmth in reality. I worked at more than just reporting her attributes, I brought her to life.

      Thank you again for commenting, and welcome to my Followers gallery.