Tuesday, March 5


12" x 16"
Oil on hardboard
Several times a year I get a craving, a specifically-decadent craving to paint chocolates.  Once I discovered the correct colours to squeeze it was merely a matter of finding chocolates to pose for me. I don't eat the stuff, but I do like how it looks. So as subject matter, it can sit here in my studio for weeks without a single nibble. 

I drew this two months ago, but didn't get to the painting part until today... while listening to Schubert, and an entire opera from the Met. 



  1. "I don't eat the stuff" makes me giggle. It makes it sound like it is crap or something not worth eating. lol

  2. Yikes! I suppose it does read that way. I must admit, I do love chocolate, I just can no longer eat it.